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Martial Arts For All Ages


No previous experience required! At ROC Martial Arts we offer classes to both adults and children of all ages and fitness levels. We believe everyone deserves the knowledge of self-defense, along with the many benefits the martial arts provide. With the aim of our classes being both physically and mentally engaging, many students see an improvement in hand-eye coordination, focus, overall fitness and confidence even within the first few classes. Our school also emphasizes the traditional martial arts values of respect, self-discipline and integrity. These elements are essential to providing a positive and motivating environment which enhances the overall training experience for adults and young adults, and also nurtures children to become positive influences for themselves, their peers, and future generations. To get started: 

Fitness and Athletic Development


From our experience working with professional, international, and national level athletes and coaches in Karate, Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Basketball, Lacrosse, etc. we offer programs that are specifically aimed at enhancing and pushing the physical fitness and limits of  elite level athletes and also to individuals seeking recreational fitness. These programs are designed to enhance agility, dexterity, explosion, strength and flexibility through sport specific exercises, cross training and modern sports science. No martial arts experience is required. If you or someone you may know is interested: 

Elite Competition Training


Through our years of training, competing and coaching, we've found the most successful athletes are the ones that are prepared mentally, physically and emotionally. This goes for any sport. With first-hand experience on the world class level of competition, and working with numerous athletes, our instructors provide specific training on what is needed to be successful on the competition stage. We run multiple seminars and courses throughout the year across the United States for this specific training but now its being offered directly to you! 

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Lead by Jiu-Jitsu instructor Cameron McClaney our goal is to grow the Jiu-Jitsu community by giving kids and adults confidence in defending themselves and to also help provide a level of fitness in a space where everybody feels comfortable training together. With lineage from Chad Robichaux, and Carslon Gracie Jr., Cameron has won many competitions across several states and continues to compete and train all over the country with some of the best in the world. 

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