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About Us

ROC Martial Arts brings you world-class martial arts and fitness training in a positive and motivating environment for adults and children of all ages. Through the use of traditional martial arts practice and values, in combination with modern sports science, we deliver a training experience that is exciting and motivating while keeping safety the number one priority for all of our students. One of the first things you may also notice at ROC Martial Arts is the level of discipline and respect our students conduct themselves with, as we hold this to high regard. We also work with many elite level athletes in and outside of the martial arts arena to prime and help them maintain a high level of performance throughout the year. By combining these elements and much more, we truly believe the experience at ROC Martial Arts will bring out the best in you!


More about the instructors: 

Michael Nguyen - Owner / Instructor

4th Degree Black Belt

Over 30 years martial arts experience

Extensive competition experience/0ver 175 First Place Awards

Multiple time International and National Karate Champion

Canada World Karate Championships Grand Champion - 2006

Isshin Ryu Hall of Fame Junior Karate-Ka Of The Year & Champion - 2005 (and Competitor of the year & Champion - 2003)

Presidential Sport Award (signed by President George W. Bush)- 2003




Dan Carini - Owner / Program Director / Instructor 

5th Degree Black Belt

Over 31 years martial arts experience

Mastery in multi-style weaponry

Isshin Ryu Intl. Karate Federation Championships Champion - 2013

Aiki Jiu-Jitsu experience

Cameron McClaney - Instructor

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt (Carlson Gracie Jr. lineage)

Served in Marine Corps & US Army

Muay Thai & MMA Coach

Competed nationally in BJJ

Kyle Collins - Instructor

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt (Robson Moura lineage)

20+ Years Wrestling Experience

Rochester Institute of Technology Graduate




Richard Nguyen - Consultant / Instructor

4th Degree Black Belt

Over 24 years martial arts experience

Naval Nuclear Submarine Officer

Special Operations Diving Officer and Rescue Swimmer

United States Naval Academy Graduate (Annapolis)

Cornell University MBA Candidate (S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management)

Multiple Time International and National Karate Champion

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